There is a theme in ALL of my conversations…

You CAN’T Get it WRONG!

Seriously, all of that significance you put on things, all of time and attention to getting it RIGHT.

What if you actually Can’t Get It Wrong.

Are you reading this with a “ya but” coming through your thoughts, maybe even out of your mouth.  Would you like to have a conversation about that?  I would, I would like to know where you think you are getting it wrong and I wonder what we may uncover.

Let’s Chat?



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Did you know, I haven’t always LOVED being here. Yes, there was a time in my life that it seemed everything was happening to me and I had NO CHOICE.

It wasn’t true and…

Over the last 25 years, I’ve been creating a LARGE toolbox full of life tools and one of my Favorite things is sharing them with YOU.

It lights up my whole world to see my clients come alive when they acknowledge themselves and walk trough the door of new possibilities.

Yes, I get to show you the door….

and it’s not a kick you in the A$$ kind of show you the door.

You choose to walk through it and don’t worry….

I will arm you with some dynamic tools to assist you in ANYTHING that shows up that has stopped you in the past.

Yes, I said Anything…

and I hear you,

This is a BIG step, I know, it was for me too…

Did you know, there is ONLY one thing that is required,  ONLY one thing you have to bring with you to this journey and YOU already have it?

Yes, YOU already have it…

Looking forward to meeting you….Michelle

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Expand Your Business

 Hello Business!

What are you asking to create?


There is an energy within your business that communes and conspires to become more. Would you like to take that adventure and grow beyond your limitations?

These sessions are about tapping into and asking questions beyond where your mind can calculate.

  • With a laser session, in 15 minutes, we can explore where to go next and what steps to take to get there.
  • For a longer session, we can dive into pragmatics of creation as I share my “how to” guidance to creation with ease in all systems and connect what will create the most for you in doing it yourself.



15 min. Biz Laser Session

30 Min. Biz Consultation


Panel 3

Journey Sessions

Is there something within you that you know, you don’t know what it is, where it’s from and what it all means?


Is it stopping you from having your life?????

I invite you on a Journey, a session into you….

Almost twenty years ago I started a journey into my soul. I set out with a relentless call to understand myself, my choices, what I was doing here and if there was a purpose to this life.

This journey led me to healers, mentors, ancient teachings, ceremony, certifications and an opening to personal gifts within my being.  Everything I have learned, everything that I have done for me, I share with you.

In dedication to and honor of this journey,  I’ve taken tools from several modalities and bridged them with my intuition to bring forth an awakening tool I call….

The Journey.

These Journey sessions are an invitation to explore within your body and within your knowing to find a truth within you. Would you like to set yourself free?

I will not tell you what you know, I will not ask you to go, simply my friend, I will walk beside you and ask you what you see, ask you what you know and be there to witness you as you awaken… Will you join me and may I join you?

Contact me directly to set up a session to get started….HERE

Packages available and built to suit your journey….

Panel 4

Conversations Of Curiosity

What if You Can’t Get It Wrong?!

There is a phrase that runs through almost every conversation I’m having in one form or another. “You can’t get it wrong,” has me pulling snippets from my journey, sharing with friends and clients the many places I thought I was wrong, so many places I tried to change me to get it right and guess what,

IT ALL TURNED OUT OKAY and often better than I asked for.

HUSTLE & Heart

HUSTLE & Heart is the conversation of identifying the manipulation as a take or a contribution. The balance between business and heart.  How to recognize the HUSTLE when you are choosing for yourself and the HEART in what that may contribute to you.

I_m So Happy You_re Here!

as always, take the pieces that resonate and leave the rest. I am not a one size fit all story teller as this is not a one size fits all world.


Header image by Emily Morter