Your Superpower Manual is here!

You are actually Just right!

Your capacities, aka superpowers, live within you in the most unusual places. Often in the hidden corners of something you’ve thought is wrong with you or something awful that happened to you. The dark side of things is often the lie that keeps the greatness of you from changing the world, and at a minimum, your life.

Dive into this simple to use workbook and start uncovering the gift of you.

This short manual was created through multiple conversations with clients and the discovery of their own superpowers, aka capacities. You will not find their stories or testimonials. This is not about anyone else but you. No comparison and No proof. You don’t need me to convince you that you have hidden gifts, you already know something within you shines, you were just never given the tools to unleash it.

Here you go!!!

The greatness of you already exists, it’s time you see it too.



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Founder of Soul Hugs, an inspirational facilitator, mind/body intuitive, business advisor, mother (of 5), writer, joy seeker, dog lover, self proclaimed weirdo and adventure junkie.

Using integrative therapies in facilitation, she has an incredible capacity for seeing many different perspectives and creating nurturing conversations that allow you to see the greatness in you as she hugs your soul.

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