There is a lot of focus on what is wrong with us, and with everything and everyone else.

What if that is the limitation in truly creating the life you’ve been dreaming of? What we feed, grows. With that, feeding the wrongness of anything grows more of the need to change and find the right answer, the right path, the right fix… The right anything.

There are several stages we go through in this journey of life, many of us have chosen to be better, to heal from the past, learn and grow. In that we have looked into our childhood, the messages, the belief systems, the things that happened to us, the hurts that were out of our control.

From there we may have chosen to step into the next phase of taking back our power, calling out our perpetrators, confronting the wrongs and choosing more for ourselves from an empowered position. Sometimes we stop there, in the place that something happened to us, and we are not going to have it any longer. In this place, we are still in the battle just from a different view. We are still creating but from a place of resisting anything resembling the pain we survived.

There is another phase. One I did not realize I moved into several years ago. A phase where looking back on the past isn’t about what happen to me or how I survived and everywhere I need to continually change or fight to be empowered. No, looking to the past is simply a map to where I am today.

Being truly empowered is receiving all of you from a place of acknowledging who you are, everything great about you and choosing from there.

I put together a workbook. This was created out of several sessions with clients and having the same conversation over and over. What is TRULY great about you that you are not acknowledging? When we keep the wounds in place of our capacities, we keep ourselves stuck.

Join me for a three call series where we will walk through “Your Superpower Manual” together.

Our parents were not gifted a manual when we were born. They may have gotten a lot of it wrong. They most definitely got a lot of it right. You are here, reading this and have been on a journey to who you are in this very moment.

Let’s open the door to everything you never knew was right about you.

This manual is dedicated to the misfits, the children who always felt wrong, weird and crazy and grew up to be adults who feel wrong, weird, crazy and like they are living in a different world than everyone else.

You are NOT alone.

I was that kid who became that adult.  That was not the end of my story and it does not have to be the end of yours.

What’s included

  • Three LIVE interactive calls
  • A full digital manual
  • Laughter
  • Fun
  • and ALL of you…