Conversations Of Curiosity

What if You Can’t Get It Wrong?!

There is a phrase that runs through almost every conversation I’m having in one form or another. “You can’t get it wrong,” has me pulling snippets from my journey, sharing with friends and clients the many places I thought I was wrong, so many places I tried to change me to get it right and guess what,

IT ALL TURNED OUT OKAY and often better than I asked for.

HUSTLE & Heart

HUSTLE & Heart is the conversation of identifying the manipulation as a take or a contribution. The balance between business and heart.  How to recognize the HUSTLE when you are choosing for yourself and the HEART in what may contribute to you.

I_m So Happy You_re Here!

as always, take the pieces that resonate and leave the rest. I am not a one size fit all story teller as this is not a one size fits all world.