Stacia Aashna

Michelle is a facilitator of change! If you are ready to make a huge, positive shift in your life, she can help create that for you. She has helped me do this multiple times.

Once we were pulled over at a rest stop in Louisiana (on a road trip together), and I was having a panic attack about my life. Michelle started asking me questions (insightful, potent questions) and being completely present with me. This experience helped me to find the awareness and courage to quit the toxic job that I was in at the time. In addition, she helped me to recognize the exact reasoning and pattern that I had created in my life to put myself in that toxic job in the first place. This experience helped me to end that pattern completely and move forward in my life in a more empowered way. I began to see myself as a powerful being and my life just continues to become more and more amazing and joyful – Michelle has been essential for me in this. She is powerfully intuitive, clear and compassionate. Want more joy, clarity, fun and receiving? Seek Michelle as your personal Coach.