I had the pleasure to meet Michelle this summer in Alaska, and she opened my world to all things Access. After a few short conversations and a little research online, I was excited to have Michelle run my Bars. The day finally came and we were able to set up next up to a beautiful flowing river. It was an amazing experience to say the least. As she will say, everyone’s experience will be different, but I will assure you that Michelle will be be great and allow you to experience what you need to on your journey. Since having my Bars ran, I re-sparked my passion to launch my Medical Device Venture, and have cut many useless things and people from my life as Michelle and her “verbal judo tactics” (simple obvious questions with love) will help you discover WE DO have a choice in it all.

I highly recommend anyone to connect with Michelle and open themselves up to all the possibilities that are there for them to experience and enjoy!