I highly, highly recommend Michelle as a coach and Bars®  facilitator…… She has a knack for deep compassionate listening, authenticity, as well implementing positive change.

Kelly Atkins

Vikki and I just had a wonderful weekend together. We were celebrating how much better I feel, thanks to you. My heart-felt thanks go out to you every day Michelle for it was your treatments that released my 60 years of depressive energy.  Additionally, when it tries to re-attach, I’m able to shield myself using the 4-question mantra you taught me. We want you to know that since the day of my last treatment, I’m living in peace with myself and the chaos around me. Love and miss you!


James and Vikki

Meeting with Michelle and having her run my Bars was a profound experience for me. She is a question asking, facilitator of change! Almost immediately after my Bars session with her I noticed a sense of serenity, calm and peace within me that I didn’t really think was possible. The constant and unrelenting chatter in my head was gone! For the first time in a long time I felt truly happy and HOPEFUL. Michelle is an incredibly knowledgeable, authentic, compassionate, magical human being who can help transform your life. I highly recommend her to everyone I know. If you don’t want your life to change and your world to open up to unlimited possibilities then you definitely shouldn’t contact her.

Lindsay Ford

I had the pleasure to meet Michelle this summer in Alaska, and she opened my world to all things Access. After a few short conversations and a little research online, I was excited to have Michelle run my Bars. The day finally came and we were able to set up next up to a beautiful flowing river. It was an amazing experience to say the least. As she will say, everyone’s experience will be different, but I will assure you that Michelle will be be great and allow you to experience what you need to on your journey. Since having my Bars ran, I re-sparked my passion to launch my Medical Device Venture, and have cut many useless things and people from my life as Michelle and her “verbal judo tactics” (simple obvious questions with love) will help you discover WE DO have a choice in it all.

I highly recommend anyone to connect with Michelle and open themselves up to all the possibilities that are there for them to experience and enjoy!


Michelle is a facilitator of change! If you are ready to make a huge, positive shift in your life, she can help create that for you. She has helped me do this multiple times.

Once we were pulled over at a rest stop in Louisiana (on a road trip together), and I was having a panic attack about my life. Michelle started asking me questions (insightful, potent questions) and being completely present with me. This experience helped me to find the awareness and courage to quit the toxic job that I was in at the time. In addition, she helped me to recognize the exact reasoning and pattern that I had created in my life to put myself in that toxic job in the first place. This experience helped me to end that pattern completely and move forward in my life in a more empowered way. I began to see myself as a powerful being and my life just continues to become more and more amazing and joyful – Michelle has been essential for me in this. She is powerfully intuitive, clear and compassionate. Want more joy, clarity, fun and receiving? Seek Michelle as your personal Coach.

Stacia Aashna

I have known the beautiful and enthusiastic Michelle Lynx Lyall for almost a decade.  We met one evening for some girlfriend time on a recent visit to Alaska when she said, “would you like to have your ‘bars’ run?”    I had never heard of Access Consciousness before, and when she shared her passion and knowledge, I said absolutely!  I have had my Bars run twice now by Michelle, the 2nd time when she visited me in Tucson.  Both times were absolutely amazing!
It is my belief that it is up to us to decide how much we are willing to heal and let go of in our lives… so when I allow someone I trust to facilitate any kind of healing with me, I chose to completely and totally go into it.  Michelle mentioned that my sessions with her are much longer then the average client. Both of my sessions were 2.5 hours.  (Average session is 1 hour) The two of us went around the world and back!  I laughed, cried, and even fell asleep.  The first session triggered a deep release for me through the bronchial system that took two weeks to complete.  After the second session in Tucson (which happened 3 months later), I noticed that same bronchial release happening.  This time, I chose not to go there.  I felt I was ready to change the form of the release, and I did.  After a few days of rest, I felt vibrant, joyous, and ready to take on the world!
Please keep in mind, this does not happen with every client Michelle runs bars on. Each person is unique, and you decide what you are ready to transform and how gentle or energetic you would like for it to be.   Like I said earlier, I choose to go deep when I have an opportunity to transform the emotional stuff I hold onto in life.  It’s an intensely amazing process for me, and the rewards are worth it!  If Michelle and I lived in the same zip code – I would probably be having regular sessions, and releasing at a slower more comfortable pace.  …Or would I??? LOL
Michelle, you are awesome!  Thank you so much for your wonderful gifts. Your enthusiasm, passion, and love for mankind is definitely changing the world into a happier, healthier place.  I know my world is MUCH better with you in it.
All My Love,
Vicki Lynn
Spiritual Medium/LightWeaver
Tucson, Arizona

Vicki Lynn

I must admit I was a little skeptical never having bars run on me before. What I experienced was a true sense of tranquility. I saw beautiful colors and a calm came over me like I had never experienced before. Very uplifting session. Thank you.


I am up to my eyeballs in projects – in a nutshell your running bars on me relaxed and focused me. I went in with jitter energy and left serene and alert which is a great combo. Thank you