I highly, highly recommend Michelle as a coach and Bars®  facilitator...... She has a knack for deep compassionate listening, authenticity, as well implementing positive change.

Kelly Atkins

Vikki and I just had a wonderful weekend together. We were celebrating how much better I feel, thanks to you. My heart-felt thanks go out to you every day Michelle for it was your treatments that released my 60 years of depressive energy.  Additionally, when it tries to re-attach, I'm able to shield myself using … Continue reading James and Vikki

James and Vikki

Meeting with Michelle and having her run my Bars was a profound experience for me. She is a question asking, facilitator of change! Almost immediately after my Bars session with her I noticed a sense of serenity, calm and peace within me that I didn’t really think was possible. The constant and unrelenting chatter in … Continue reading Lindsay Ford

Lindsay Ford

I had the pleasure to meet Michelle this summer in Alaska, and she opened my world to all things Access. After a few short conversations and a little research online, I was excited to have Michelle run my Bars. The day finally came and we were able to set up next up to a beautiful … Continue reading Bob


Michelle is a facilitator of change! If you are ready to make a huge, positive shift in your life, she can help create that for you. She has helped me do this multiple times. Once we were pulled over at a rest stop in Louisiana (on a road trip together), and I was having a panic … Continue reading Stacia Aashna

Stacia Aashna

I have known the beautiful and enthusiastic Michelle Lynx Lyall for almost a decade.  We met one evening for some girlfriend time on a recent visit to Alaska when she said, "would you like to have your ‘bars' run?”    I had never heard of Access Consciousness before, and when she shared her passion and … Continue reading Vicki Lynn

Vicki Lynn

I must admit I was a little skeptical never having bars run on me before. What I experienced was a true sense of tranquility. I saw beautiful colors and a calm came over me like I had never experienced before. Very uplifting session. Thank you.


I am up to my eyeballs in projects - in a nutshell your running bars on me relaxed and focused me. I went in with jitter energy and left serene and alert which is a great combo. Thank you