Man O’ Man…Oh Man

Just last night chatting with some girlfriends about the adventures of dating and the joy of men, we spoke about experiences that were incredibly fun and expansive and others that did not turn out as dynamic as we'd have liked them to. I remember talking with one of my closest friends, a man, in the … Continue reading Man O’ Man…Oh Man

Saying Nah When You Mean Yeah

Warning: This is not your mother's conversation about...... My friend messaged me a link one day and I opened it. It was for, in my point of view at the time, a vibrator. I didn't even really look at it and messaged back. I'm good, not my thing. Psssst... It's wasn't a vibrator at all. Where … Continue reading Saying Nah When You Mean Yeah

That Book, It’s Not Written!

  I opened my computer this morning and was hit with a message from a friend and that took me on a whirlwind of thoughts. I have recently taken on two big projects from two very different facilitators who are both incredibly dynamic. and Working with potent people kinda throws you into a lot of … Continue reading That Book, It’s Not Written!

I Met Myself

I met myself in a place that life was happening to me, it had up to that point.  Maybe because things happened when I was too little to speak, to little to say I didn't want to.  Maybe because even in that place, it was somehow my fault.  These experiences created ideas about me, about … Continue reading I Met Myself