Curious As A?

As a kid I was so curious about everything, I asked question after question and then more questions. My dad thought it was funny to answer them with absurd responses that I later found out weren't true. This caused me a lot of embarrassment and possibly what stopped the curiosity till way later in my … Continue reading Curious As A?

Eat What?

The event that had me eat meat when it was very much out of my willingness at the time. I Spent seven years studying with a mentor in plant medicine and living a "clean" lifestyle and it worked for me, till it didn't.  That thing that happens when the energy dissipates from something we have … Continue reading Eat What?

That One Thing That You Did To Me That One Time

I was working for a clothing designer based in Colorado, as a sales representative.  This allowed me to travel all over the states and meet new and interesting people.  At a home trunk show the hostess and I were talking. She told me that she did energy worked and asked if I would like a … Continue reading That One Thing That You Did To Me That One Time

Man O’ Man…Oh Man

Just last night chatting with some girlfriends about the adventures of dating and the joy of men, we spoke about experiences that were incredibly fun and expansive and others that did not turn out as dynamic as we'd have liked them to. I remember talking with one of my closest friends, a man, in the … Continue reading Man O’ Man…Oh Man

Saying Nah When You Mean Yeah

Warning: This is not your mother's conversation about...... My friend messaged me a link one day and I opened it. It was for, in my point of view at the time, a vibrator. I didn't even really look at it and messaged back. I'm good, not my thing. Psssst... It's wasn't a vibrator at all. Where … Continue reading Saying Nah When You Mean Yeah