You Can’t Get It Wrong

There is a phrase that runs through almost every conversation I’m having in one form or another. “You can’t get it wrong,” has me pulling snippets from my journey, sharing with friends and clients the many places I thought I was wrong, so many places I tried to change me to get it right and guess what,

IT ALL TURNED OUT OKAY and often better than I asked for.


I’ve actually spent more of my life fixing, healing, shifting and changing than I’ve spent enjoying, playing, breathing and BEing.  If I look at the journey I can clearly see that most  all of it was based on getting better, BEing better.

I recently had a conversation with a client who said so many times throughout the conversation, “I’m getting better” as though at any given time, she wasn’t being her BEST.  My response to her was this:

“You are already EVERYTHING you have ever strived to BE, the question is, Who would you like to BE NOW?”

If our goal is to be the best we can be, aren’t we already the best we can be?  I mean, if our desires are greater, aren’t we already great in the strive for greatness?


Another client conversation where she talked about all the places she was wrong and all the ways she was working to heal herself to make better decisions.

“What if every choice you have ever made got you where you are, created who you BE, and what if the idea of healing, is actually, reminding you that you are broken and that has simply never been true? What if it’s the lies we buy that keep us stuck?

Conversations such as these and others around getting it right have inspired questions, questions I am asking myself.

This journey is a gift of many experiences with some of the same thoughts and points of view as other people on the planet, I am wondering,

Is it time to have the conversations that create more, that debunk the lies and open the doors to the possibility that there is actually much more rightness going on?

Join me and let’s see what we can create together
I_m So Happy You_re Here!-2

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