The Hustle

There is a thing that floats around in my reality about “used car salesman,” the well known hustler, or the con-man, both easy to deem out to get you.  There is some truth to that and there is a little hustle in everything.

Hustle being a path to wealth, riches and fame or even just a means to get by in this world. In all business is a little hustle and in all doing for money is a little business so with that, where do we determine the contribution from the scam.

If we look at everything that is an exchange of goods and services for money, then we can see a business and in business a little hustle.  Many goods and services come from an idea of creating more, greater, in being a contribution to other and often the whole. Creation of the heart.

So when you are looking outside of yourself, to something or someone, ask and allow the awareness to show you the scale of hustle and heart. You might find surprise in the things you bought as heart and the ones you deemed hustle. This project is based on rants of the subject, what I know and perceive in the world around me through the balance of heart and hustle.


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