The Heart

Have you ever thought about all things as a business and what differentiates a person truly using a gift or skill for the contribution of greater.  We all have to admit at one time or another, whether we try to deny it or not, money gives greater resource for more.  What ever that more may be is where my idea of hustle and heart comes from.

How much heart is left in the person vs how much the hustle has taken over.  Many people start out with the idea of creating greater for all and over time, the daily grind may play a role in how much hustle is required.

And there are people who are hustlers from the beginning often craftier and convincing otherwise.

We look at certain things in this reality as good and others as bad.  We look to doctors as all knowing for example.  Interestingly, they call their business a “practice” and we don’t question the guessing game on their end as we have deemed them “good” as it is perceived as contributing to others well being.  There are doctors who still have a greater amount of heart in the game and at the price of lives, it’s also a big business with a great amount of hustle we often forget to question in the name of good vs. evil.

So when you are looking outside of yourself, to something or someone, ask and allow the awareness to show you the scale of hustle and heart. You might find surprise in the things you bought as heart and the ones you deemed hustle. This project is based on rants of the subject, what I know and perceive in the world around me through the balance of heart and hustle.

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