Public Q & A- Letting & Go For It

Hey Michelle-

As I’m sitting hear on my porcelain throne, thinking about a million thoughts, as that is how my ADD brain functions, I had this thought.

You are able to do something that I have not witnessed anyone else do as well as you. What is that, you ask?


You have the inner ability to move clear across the country, set up home, continue your journey, with what seems like from afar, not a blink of the eye. For some, that experience would be very traumatic. For you, with “arms wide open”, you do it with the joy of being and feeling free, from all things that could hold you back or bring about fear.

That to me is amazing! Did this ability with you develop over time? Did you have the ability as a child to let go of hurt feelings, bad experiences, or anything that haunts most people in their adult life?

It is my belief that we are born with certain lessons to learn and parts of ourselves to heal. This is part of who we are when we are born, just as our eye and hair color define physical features of ourselves.

For me, it took well into my adult years before the  light bulb turned on. At that time, I began the process of connecting the dots of my experiences over my lifetime. As I began to see similarities in the experiences, I discovered there was a pattern and under lying theme to my experiences. Th experiences and people who were a part of my life, wether they last 5 minutes or 50 years, were over and over repeating the lessons that were intended for me to learn.

Now when I have bad experiences I ask myself, “what is it that I’m suppose to learn from this experience?” All experiences serve a purpose. It may not always be about you, but about someone else’s lessons to learn. You are just part of the lesson and at times are a teacher, helping others learn about the non physical world and how it works for our benefit. It took me a long time and many traumatic experiences to realize God does not do things to me, but does things for me, no matter how painful. How these experiences have occurred for me was not by coincidence, or some random act. It was a combination of my own creation through thought, the assistance of a Higher Power, who’s intentions come from love, to help me evolve into a more conscious human being. This has taught me that God gives us free will, to make our choices on our own, to live the life we so choose. God will help you with your learning by helping create the experiences to learn the lessons that were meant for you.

Our lives and the life we live is within our own power. That is the ability to make choices. If you don’t like how your life has been do far or the direction you are headed, I’d suggest you sit down and write out all the choices you have made that has created the life you now find yourself in. There are no victims. There are only choices.

So what do you choose today to move towards the life you want to live tomorrow? It’s all within our own power.

and...What If You Can Fly?-Erin Hanson-2

Photo by Haley Phelps on Unsplash

I’d first like to say, I was actually a very sensitive child, I cried a lot, took everything personally, was sure I wasn’t liked and beyond that, I was incredibly shy.

Two things-

My dad used to always say, “is it going to matter in 100 years from now?” That one question crushed me because in that moment, it DID matter or at least it seemed that way.

Today, that brilliant question shapes my world and I take it further to; Is this a contribution to the greater good, and what choice could I make that will create more for everyone.

When I was six, I realized that what ever was going on inside of me, was just for me, no one outside of me knew what I was experiencing.  With that, I started choosing things that were incredibly uncomfortable for me on the inside with a face of confidence, at first just to see what would come.  Indeed, no one saw my insides leaking from my pounding heart and twisted gut, so I continued till I no longer felt shy.

This is not to say I haven’t had my share of hurdles, experiences and difficult times or that my gut never twists, my skin never sweats and my heart never pounds in that nervous rush.  I certainly have and it certainly does.


Literally everything, has been the journey to a knowing that flows within me like a river, a knowing that calls me to question everything, ask for more and follow the path of least resistance, meaning, what ever bubbles excitement within me, seduces me with a hint of peace and tugs at me with an idea of greater expansion, I choose that.

You see, we’ve been conditioned by our thoughts, the storage bank of past experiences.  Experiences that come with vows to never again or contracts, loyalty and devotion. Choice from that place is as limiting as we allow it to be.

We have another choice. We can choose something beyond what we can imagine, we can say yes even if for only a moment and the brilliance, the big secret that no one ever tells us, WE CAN CHOOSE AGAIN if it doesn’t work.

I don’t make choices to pick up and move across the country lightly, I ask a lot of questions, I trust myself to have my back and I am willing to do what ever it takes, including the option of always choosing again.  I arm my self with incredible tools and I remind myself ALL of the time….

It’s actually harder to move in quicksand than it is to float in water.

I_m So Happy You_re Here!-2

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