PUBLIC Q & A- It’s Not The End

It’s not the end of the story

This is a message I heard from a friend after chatting about something tragic that someone had been through. It stuck with me. It reminded me about many places in my journey where it seemed like the end of something, like life would never be good again. And that could have been true if that was the story I chose to write. I’ve always chosen to write a different story. Not from a positive outlook, from my true desire for change, for more choice and possibility. What if we do indeed write our stories and even in the moment that something bad happens, we choose to wake up and create a different possibility. I don’t know how, I know it’s possible. I know because I’ve done it, multiple times. If you believed it was possible, would you find a way to create it?

Yes, I would. I’ve experienced many events that were devastating to me, and could of led me to live life as a victim. But, I always chose to not remain stuck. I believed, unconditionally, that what ever painful experience I was going through, that this too shall pass.

Life is an interesting journey. When we’re young, we really don’t know what the future will hold for us. As you become an adult, the world expands and opens up to so many possibilities. What we don’t yet realize, is that we can choose our future and bring it into reality. That power lies within all of us.

Many people believe that others are in control of their lives. Some believe that God makes choices for us. Then there are those who believe, life has dealt them a bad hand, and they ujust have to play the hand they’ve been dealt. Unfortunately, for those who think that way, they go through life as if they are programmed to live it the same way they have been living it. If they could open up their consciousness to the unlimited possibilities in the Universe.

People who go through life in this fashion, I believe are “stuck.” They are stuck in old beliefs, stuck with old thinking, stuck repeating old behaviors, stuck in their old mindset, where they believe that all there is to life, is what they have already experienced. Many believe change is not possible, at least for them.

Change is always possible and always happening. Whether you have awakened enough to see the changes as they occur daily, or not, they are happening none the less.

You are living proof, Michelle, that your life can be whatever you “choose” to make of it. The hell that you experienced in the past, you could have easily continued on that path for the remaining days of your life. So many people do. They think of themselves as “victims” or feel they deserve what awful things life has given them.

My belief, one that my wife does not think is true. Is that there are no “victims” in life. There are only “experiences”.
The experiences we have throughout our lives, both good and bad ones, are simply learning opportunities. They are part of the lessons of life. When you have yet to reach a higher level of consciousness, all you can see in these experiences is more pain and sadness. When you have reached a level of consciousness, where you know their is more to what you are experiencing, than what your five senses can understand, you then realize that there is a non physical reality taking place, both inside of you and outside of your being.

From that day forward, your life will never be the same. You are beginning to discover the power within you, to create a life that is much different than the past, and that you are the captain of your own ship. Where will you steer that ship, when you set sail to discover that world which surrounds you?

May the wisdom you have gained from your life experiences, help you to make choices, that will steer you towards your destinations.

You are the person you are today, because of living through all of your life experiences to date. Each one played a role in your evolution. Be thankful for all that you have experienced, all that pain and suffering has led you to the place where you are today. You’re not doing what you are currently doing by chance. It is something that has been in the process of creation, since the day you were born.

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