PUBLIC Q & A- Expectations

I have been in many relationships, engaged, married, and dating. In all of those scenarios around this holiday, something killed cupid. In the moment, it seemed to be something he did or didn’t do, how he was wrong or didn’t show up. I didn’t give men any room to get it right, I was always sure they would fail and justified myself in the fact that they did. That is not actually them failing, it’s me expecting.

Expectation sets people up to fail as it creates an energy between the two of you. They have to get it right and do just the right thing, only, it’s a guessing game to what that actually is. Add in the pressure and you have a nice mix of, he screwed up again, stew. Who really enjoys that, how much love is felt there? How much honor and joy? Read more here:…/…/16/did-expectation-kill-cupid/

As I began reading your post Michelle. I was thinking to myself, how could you ever think you would get something different than what you expected to get. Your energy was attached to your expectation of being disappointed. And then it became your reality, and it made you feel that you were right in what you thought you were going to get. You were not at a point where you knew or understand that the energy you project outward, comes back to you. As you give, you shall receive, does not mean that it is always good things. All of us are made of and from energy. That energy has a vibration. The vibration of our energy that we send out to the Universe, will return at the same vibrational level as it was received. It’s one of the Universal Laws.

I can remember my ex wife responding to something I did, or did not do, in regards to her expectation of me. She would say, “I knew that would happen. I knew what you were going to do.” The lightbulb never did go on, that she was fulfilling her own prophesy. Because of her thinking, she helped to bring it about.

Most people struggle to realize, that they play a role in the life that they experience. The reality that they help to create it with their thoughts, beliefs and expectations.

Life doesn’t just happen. Life is created. So if you desire living a great life, determine first what that would look like, then proceed to think about it continual in your conscious mind, as well as your unconscious mind. See it in your own mind as if it has already happened.

The power within each of us is limitless.

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