PUBLIC Q & A- Do You know?

I didn’t always know I had a choice. Growing up I was told to do things with the caveat, because I said so. And there were consequences for my reluctant, rebellious, stubborn nature. Were any or all of those things true or was I navigating through an awareness? This isn’t a rant about all that, it’s an invitation to know you do have choice and with my curiosity, do you have tools that contribute to you getting out of the sticky places? I just went through my morning routine of reading emails. I’ve designed my inbox in such a way that it inspires me. I get invitations and offerings from some of the biggest badasses in the empowerment industry. From all backgrounds and wisdoms. I actually, which may be old news, just found out that @mariannewilliamson is running for US president. Wow, excited to see that. ❤️ Anyway, I’m so grateful for each person out in the world sharing and contributing to something greater. I also wondered, if I had to pick one thing, one tool what would I choose. Without sounding arrogant, I’d choose me. I’m the greatest tool in my toolbox, I’m at the head of my ship, steering with choice everyday. I’m writing each chapter in my story. I often ask my clients to simply choose. Even if just for the moment we are in talking to one another. It’s more rare than I’d like it to be, the idea that we all have choice. What if by choice, that makes you the greatest tool in your toolbox?

 As children, our lives are controlled by our parents. They make choices for us, that they believe are in our best interests.

As you become a young adult, you discover that you have the ability to make your own choices. Some take control of this new found freedom. While others, continue to live under the influence of their parents. By either consulting with them first before making choices, or asking yourself, what will my parents think about the choice I’m about to make.

Growing from the time when you can make your own choices, to the point in time, where you finally realize that, that the life you are living, comes from all the choices that you have made in the past.

For me, that was a tremendous breakthrough, to finally understand and know that, the choices I make today, will lead to the future experiences I have.

Life does not come about by chance, or the power of Source Energy, but by what we think and focus our thoughts on. As it has been said, “seeing is believing.” Before it can be brought forth in the real world, you fist have to envision what you desire in your own mind, and then truly believe that it is already ours. The power of the mind is unlimited. All you need to do is open it to the world of possibilities.

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