PUBLIC Q & A- Be Where You Are.

Be where you are, in the moment, in the place, with a big deep breath, walls down, wide open, expanded and RECEIVE. Fall in love with the life you are in, in this very second, without looking away, behind or ahead. Be, take it in and allow the gift. This very moment is a lifetime in the making.

People don’t realize how much energy and effort it took to bring about this moment in time in their lives. This moment, that each of us live, did not happen by chance. It required many “choices” over many years, to create this moment, that you are now experiencing.

Life does not just happen. Life, for all of us, is something that each of us create. Each day we make choices. Those choices, will determine the future life you will live. So, if it is your desire to have a joyful life in the future, than begin by making choices today, that are inline with your desire for the future. If your life is not joyful now, you cannot keep doing what you have been doing, and expect the future to be different. Einstein has already figured out what that creates. Insanity!

You become what you think about most. Everything that is and everything that will ever be, first started with a thought. There is one book, that at one time had sold more copies than any other book in existence, except the Bible. That book was written in 1932 by Napoleon Hill, and its title was, “Think and Grow Rich.” Like I said, everything starts with thought.

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