The Sessions

What is a session?

There is one question my dad has asked me over and over my entire life, one question that contributes TONS to my everyday.  When I was a kid, I thought my dad was the meanest person on the planet when he asked me questions because, at the time, his questions appeared as though he didn’t care.


Let’s define facilitate.

FACIL’ITATE, verb transitive [Latin facilitas, from facilis, easy.]

To make easy or less difficult; to free from difficulty or impediment, or to diminish it; to lessen the labor of.

How often are you seeking more, how often are you looking to those who have the information, education, and knowledge as greater than you?

The oracle, the guru, or something else, actually a person, who ends up on a pedestal where they are not only created as greater, they must uphold your expectations.  You trust them, believe all that they say and you implement that into your life, as though that is the cure for what is wrong with you. Only to find, some part of it doesn’t work, that person doesn’t meet some expectation and they fall off the pedestal. You are back to seeking the next guru.

What if:

There is NOTHING wrong with you and YOU can’t get it WRONG!

What if I am a person with a capacity to create the space and allow ease where you can KNOW that for yourself, a facilitator who creates the space for ALL of YOU to show up and SHINE.  Would you choose that?

Someone recently looked at me and said “oh, you ACTUALLY care” as though it was a bad thing.  I sat with that for a bit and you know what, I actually do care and I like that about me.  So yes, I do care about YOU!


Do you know what my absolute favorite thing is, the thing that lights me up, the thing that creates more in my world,



Working one on one with YOU!

When I am sitting in front of you, watching you light up, watching that moment when you get ~There Is NOTHING Wrong With YOU, watching your face light up, your posture change, your body move and fill with excitement for life….

That is the moment, my body fills with tingles and I know,

Why I do what I do, Why I am here!  Why I am here and essentially, when my dad asks, will it matter 100 years from now, I know with my whole being…. YES! Yes dad, I beleive it will.

and the details….

One on One sessions will include:

  • Questions, lots of questions
  • “On Your Own” assignments
  • The Access Clearing Statement- (what is that?)

May include:

  • Body sessions
    • Massage/Intuitive Manipulation
      • Structural
      • Pathologic
      • Mechanical
  • Energy sessions
    • Intuitive Manipulation
    • Body Processes
    • Access Consciousness Bars®
  • Journey sessions
    • Blend of Shamanistic/Hypnotheraputic discovery within
  • Herbal Remedies
    • Tonics
    • EO Blends
    • Herbal/EO Body Treatments
  • MORE…