More In-depth Look at Michelle

The Coach, The Intuitive, The Visionary 

I was born a seeker, a question asker and a non-conformist.  Always sure there was something more, something greater and infinite possibility.  This allowed me the drive to pursue; educationally, experientially and personally.  I can list the credentials, that list is long and I believed for a long time, credentials mattered.  What really matters isn’t my education, my experience or even my capacity to assist you.  What matters is whether you are drawn to work with me, that is the place where we meet, where change is possible.

I will not tell you what you know, I will ask you questions and inspire you to tap into what you know.  How much have you been seeking the answers and listening to others looking for what is right for you, buying the stuff that doesn’t work?  I do not have the answers, I have the capacity to listen, the awareness to ask questions and the patience to sit in allowance of your truth.

I have traveled to the darkest places of my being and danced in the light, fought, survived, created, destroyed, sought, found, died and re-birthed and awakened to my authentic self only to discover the lies, the story and the mind all taunting me.   One day my world was changed through the simple idea of choice and joy found permanent residence in my body dancing with my being. Would you like some of that, infinite joy?

I have a way of communicating with my hands, a gift so to speak.  It’s not learned, it’s not cognitive or ego, it’s an energy.  It’s undefinable.  I have manipulated energy with my hands since I was 3 years old, moving my hands to change the space of a room.  It wasn’t till my 20’s that I understood any such capacity.  To touch someone and see within came while studying with a Shaman in intensive experiential therapies and since that moment, my life’s dedication has been searching and studying all forms to allow this to grow and become, to include becoming an LMT.

and a little more….

I have been a mother my entire adult life, I have grown children, and a couple half way there. They’ve taught me; who I am, how to show up, where to grow, what to change, allowance, gratitude, honor, joy and most of all, changing me, automatically creates ease for them.

I have married and divorced twice, each relationship lasted a decade and they taught me; nothing is one sided, even the really ugly stuff, I’ve been ugly too. Nothing is about me or because of me and nothing is a reflection of my worth, it’s my own creation of that identity within me.  Love means a lot of different things and is unique to each person.  Commitment to self creates stronger relationships, you can love someone and know that you don’t want to be with them, things don’t have to end badly to end, and most importantly, the invisible contracts live on past the letting go and continue to dance their way through new choices when left intact, you can read about that here.

I have this incredible, delicious, and magnificent body that I spent more of my years, hurting, shaming, blaming, judging, destroying, leaving, displaying, hiding, and everything else around and in-between before falling in love with it.  I developed very young and strange occurrences laid the foundation for the above, till I realized, that I was raising a daughter. It didn’t matter what I said to her or how much I protected her, my relationship to my body would hijack her innocence if I didn’t get real with myself.   This isn’t limited to my only daughter, it’s equally important to my sons. Being a mother is raising the men we would all like to meet, ones who show up, commit, are strong in who they are and what they bring to the world.  They can stand next to a strong woman, stand up to a strong woman and they simultaneously hold their own, they emulate masculinity while embracing the feminine within and rise to the occasion to do what ever it takes to follow what is true for them.  In this world, it is equally important to teach our daughters to be strong as it is to teach our sons to be kind.

I adore nature and food, I use my senses to devour both, each playing a role in relationship to me, to my body, to people and the planet. I grew up with nature and loving it was easy, actually being with it came later as I studied with a healer in Native American traditions, Holistic health and plant medicine.  With body image issues and eating disorders, I was 30 before I could actually look at myself in a mirror and a few years after that before understanding anything about food.  All of this came full circle in my dedication to health and wellness, loving myself and my body though education, yoga, meditation, diligence, and being present.

I was born a sexual healer and the experiences of that playing out in my life grants me a wisdom beyond explanation.  Would you like to know more about you in relationship to your sexual self?

I have a strong capacity with vision and ideas to promote product, people and businesses as a whole.  I have built systems, managed, instructed, taught and every other aspect on the front lines and behind the scenes. If your business is asking for more, it may be something I have to offer.

And I am an Access Bars® Facilitator, Body Process Facilitator, Energetic Facelift Facilitator and Certified Massage Therapist.

Integrating the tools of Access Consciousness and studying as a massage therapist took my natural talent with energy and bodies and added wisdom to assisting others to a live beyond pain.

One of the most difficult things for people is receiving, and that is what these processes do best, allow receiving.  I am absolutely in love with giving, receiving and teaching.  The relaxation, the nurturing, the tingling, the intensity, the space and the freedom that happens.

I live in question and continue to absorb all the tools that Access Consciousness® has to offer, it’s been a great addition to my life and my toolbox.

I can’t wait to meet you!