About Michelle Lyall

What if I am all of the things you already are and all the ways you’d like to be? What if the broken pieces in you are places I believed I was broken too? What if the capacities in me are the capacities in you and what if looking through the window, it isn’t me you see, it is yourself defined differently? ~Michelle Lyall

What could be possible if you chose to consult with me?

In everything I facilitate, I lived and in every place of change, I have changed. It’s ongoing choice and I am using the tools everyday. If I can share my experiences and reach one person, who changes one thing, that brings in more joy, then, I have done what I set out to do.

IMG_3007I have an incredible capacity for seeing many different perspectives and opening up possibilities in this reality.  Facilitation and energetics with the body is where my capacities really shine. The dedication I have to being the energy required in each session goes beyond any point of view or limitation that may otherwise contract the session.  Bridging education and experience, I fill over 20 years of experiential therapies and modalities in a large toolbox I call my practice. I love to share….  Let’s see what we can create together?

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