Is there something within you that you know, you don’t know what it is, where it’s from and what it all means?


Is it stopping you from having your life?????

I invite you on a Journey, a session into you….

What Contribution Can I Be?-4

Almost twenty years ago I started a journey into my soul. I set out with a relentless call to understand myself, my choices, what I was doing here and if there was a purpose to this life.

This journey led me to healers, mentors, ancient teachings, ceremony, certifications and an opening to personal gifts within my being.  Everything I have learned, everything that I have done for me, I share with you.

In dedication to and honor of this journey,  I’ve taken tools from several modalities and bridged them with my intuition to bring forth an awakening tool I call….

The Journey.

These Journey sessions are an invitation to explore within your body and within your knowing to find a truth within you. Would you like to set yourself free?

I will not tell you what you know, I will not ask you to go, simply my friend, I will walk beside you and ask you what you see, ask you what you know and be there to witness you as you awaken… Will you join me and may I join you?

Contact me directly to set up a session to get started….HERE

Packages available and built to suit your journey….