A relationship with you creates…

The authentic you showing up.

So often we are trying to fix the outside, change and be what is required and that limits us. It turns us into something else. When we choose to nurture a relationship with ourselves, we get to show up fully in our lives and enjoy more.

Better relationships with others.

We think we need to change and fix the problems in our relationships. When we choose to focus on ourselves and nuture what we need, we show up as our best version by default in relation to others and that is the only place we can truly grow together and fall apart from one another. When you have you, it doesn’t matter what anyone else chooses.

The best life has to offer.

Regardless of anything else, this is YOUR life and the more time you spend trying to fit in, change and judge yourself, that is a whole lot of life you are missing. When you choose to love you first and foremost, life becomes the greatest adventure where laughing is normal.It all starts with a choice, what is one small choice you can make for you today?