Curious As A?

As a kid I was so curious about everything, I asked question after question and then more questions. My dad thought it was funny to answer them with absurd responses that I later found out weren't true. This caused me a lot of embarrassment and possibly what stopped the curiosity till way later in my … Continue reading Curious As A?

Eat What?

The event that had me eat meat when it was very much out of my willingness at the time. I Spent seven years studying with a mentor in plant medicine and living a "clean" lifestyle and it worked for me, till it didn't.  That thing that happens when the energy dissipates from something we have … Continue reading Eat What?

That One Thing That You Did To Me That One Time

I was working for a clothing designer based in Colorado, as a sales representative.  This allowed me to travel all over the states and meet new and interesting people.  At a home trunk show the hostess and I were talking. She told me that she did energy worked and asked if I would like a … Continue reading That One Thing That You Did To Me That One Time

The Expansion Of Collaboration

When is the last time you recognized co-creation when it was happening?  Do you notice when it isn't happening?  Do you perceive the difference in the energy? What have you been resisting or creating instead? I love creating with other people so much that is comes naturally to me.  It is such a common practice … Continue reading The Expansion Of Collaboration