Truly Great About You.

Conversations lately have been inspiring others to know themselves, to see and acknowledge who they are, how they function and what is truly special and amazing about them.

That inspired me to reach out to you.

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Hello Gorgeous YOU! I see you and I believe in you. I truly do.

In case you have been wondering, feeling a little blue and self sabotaging. It’s not true. There is nothing wrong with you and so much that is gloriously right about you.

Are you on a path to changing yourself or simply sitting in the wrongness full time? Sometimes it’s not about changing yourself. It’s simply knowing yourself and taking care. What is one thing you can acknowledge about you right now that you know is amazing?

Most people are willing to mold themselves to fit it. It starts with family, they give us plenty of information about what they require and how we need to be. Then we go to school, church and other social settings that add to and validate what we hear at home.

Have you molded to fit in? Is it only sometimes or have you chosen not to mold at all? Do you believe this caused separation from others? The trick here is, separation from others who do not allow you to be you, is actually a gift. Otherwise, you are required to separate from yourself.

One of the biggest lies that we’ve been told over many lifetimes is that people are fundamentally good at their core and thus, we work hard to either bring that out in them or change ourselves so they will show up as that. 

The truth is, not everyone is kind and chooses that. Some people are just not. And some people are never going to give us the love we know is possible. 

There is nothing wrong with you. It’s okay to be different. We are not often taught that. Not all families are ideal.  We are born into families that teach us about ourselves and it’s not always with a clear, loving and contributing environment.

The more you become true to yourself, the more others may go away. Not because you are true to yourself and wrong. Because you have learned all you need to from them. That is often the contribution of them in your life. That is okay. The gift of people is surrounding yourself with those who add to your life, your joy and your future. They are not always family and not always forever. 

Knowing that you have a soft side of yourself is a gift.  Be gentle and kind in times of vulnerability. It is okay to allow your emotions to spill out, just remind yourself not to move in and stay there.

Questions to ask yourself are:

  1. What can I do to honor my needs, wants and desires.
  2. Am I showing up for me, as me in my own life? 
  3. What can I add to my life that comforts me that has never come from anyone outside?
  4. Who is currently in my life that adds to my joy?
  5. Who is currently in my life that inspires me?
  6. Who is currently in my life that I walk away from with more energy than I had before I saw them?
  7. Who can I add to my life that will contribute more joy, inspiration, and energy?

Is it time to truly start honoring you with all that is GREAT about you?


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