You As You

When I was a freshman in high school I was walking backward talking to friends and as I turned around I smacked, nose first, into a basketball pole. OUCH! There was blood, dizziness and lots of bruising.

That is what it feels like when you are walking along doing life and out of no where you get smacked in the face with judgment. Do you know what I am talking about?

It stops you in your tracks and says, hey you! YOU ARE WRONG!

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It’s Friday and I woke up to my tenth conversation this week about navigating between being happy and processing the wrongness. It’s happening in many peoples lives and all over the world.

I to experience this, it happens. Most recently when I was sitting with the wrongness of me, I realized…

I get to wake up and be me everyday. Sure there are things about me that can shift and change, but the reality is, when I wake up before anything else, I lay cuddled up in my bed and feel super grateful to be alive. It wasn’t always this way, but it most certainly is today. Seems to me, in that first moment of the day is when, if I truly felt wrong, I would feel it the most strong. I don’t, I am simply happy in those first few moments of the day. How do you wake up?

The thing I wonder about, those who are throwing around judgments, are they waking up everyday with the thought, I get to be me or are they, judging themselves so hard that they can only see the flaws in others.

So my friends I will share with you what I have shared with others this week. What I say to myself when I am questioning me through the judgments of others.

You are exactly right just where you are and when you become aware of something that’s not working for you, you choose different and then THAT is right for you. Wrong is simply not true and only projected at you.

How YOU can you be today?


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