Photoshop As Life

I haven’t designed in Photoshop in a really long time. There are so many quick apps nowadays that I didn’t really have to.

And then a door opened to a project with a company I am invested in and that required photoshop. The question was, do you have experience in photoshop and the simple answer was, yes. The inner panic answer was, oh my gosh, THAT program. Funny thing was, I could perceive the ease of it beyond my point of view. I said yes, sent In my portfolio and jumped in with all the willingness when they offered it to me.

Here is where I show my weirdest side, well at least in my point of view. I’m clicking along with these projects and my awareness is yelling at me.


Navigating life is like navigating this program. Everything is in layers, some are hidden, some require tools to change and the outer canvas is where all of that shows up as a gorgeous picture.

Photo by Prateek Katyal on

Ha! I realized navigating photoshop is similar to navigating my life.

I’ve got this!

Next time you focus on a wrongness of you, remember it’s a layer. It contributes to the beauty of you and, if you desire to change it, there is a tool over in the sidebar. 🤗😘

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