Feeding As Focus

What a day, a week, a year really! And today….

I’ve had a tax bill hanging over my head since I filed and my due date was set for tomorrow. I made some recent BIG choices for myself that were super light and true for me and went against everything I’ve been taught about financial responsibility, mostly as a mom.

For a week I have been trying to get through to the IRS and for one reason or another, it wasn’t working.

Yesterday my gorgeous housemate Michele Brookhaus offered me a session from this new thing she is studying. I spoke out-loud one of my biggest fears since I was a kid, becoming a mom. The fear of not being able to afford to take care of my kids if I choose for me. It was quick, it was cool and not cognitive. I won’t even try to explain it and… Something shifted.

I’ve also been playing with the No Judgment Diet and really using the tools, so much so that I posted reminders everywhere. It’s not cognitive and I won’t even try to explain it and something is shifting.

And I’ve been spending my mornings in quiet, with me in space and asking questions, reading, meditating and asking more questions, mostly….LISTENING

and today I got through to the IRS, with ease, and the man on the other end was super kind, he listened and then he put me on hold for a bit, came back and said, “I first want to let you know that you can rest easy, everything is working out just fine”. He gave me an extension and I cried. BIG tears of pure gratitude.

It may have been tears of everything from the last little bit and It felt like big huge tears of gratitude. I thanked the man for assisting me, for his kindness and wished him a good day.

Then I looked around at a glorious world and remembered the story of the two wolves.

A fun animation of the two wolves story

It looks like I am feeding the one of possibility.

Which one are you feeding today?

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