Eat What?

The event that had me eat meat when it was very much out of my willingness at the time.

I Spent seven years studying with a mentor in plant medicine and living a “clean” lifestyle and it worked for me, till it didn’t.  That thing that happens when the energy dissipates from something we have chosen but we believe because we chose it we have to do it forever, what is that?  There should be a name for it, something good like “Dis-chosen Choice” haha, or something like that, anyway;

I read the book, Being You, Changing The World by Dr. Dain Heer (link), and he talks about communion with your body. Your body has it’s own consciousness, What? That opened up a whole new world for me.  Ask my body what it wants?  Okay cool, I will try it.

I am in my first ever Access Foundation class and a couple of the ladies from a class and I go out to eat together and I am ready to try this ask your body thing out.  I close my eyes, ask, body what would you like to eat, open the menu and my eyes.  Are you freaking kidding me, Bison burger.  Hell no, and I ordered a salad.  Haha.


I don’t do things half way so this was haunting me, this idea that my body wanted meat and that I ignored the request.

On the third day the same ladies and I went out to this same place.  The ladies are laughing at me this time, are you going to eat the burger, again, no, absolutely not going to eat meat and I could tell you all the reasons why I was against it and most important, I don’t like meat, ew, gross.

The server comes to the table and I kid you not, before she could even get words out of her mouth, I shouted, I’ll have a Bison burger.

What just happened, I didn’t say that.

I “knew” when it arrived I wouldn’t be able to eat it.

As the server was walking to the table carrying our food, my mouth began to salivate, literally drooling like a rabid dog. As she sets this burger down in front of me, all thoughts erased, all I could focus on was that first bite.  I cut it in half, picked it up, mouth watering and put the end in my mouth and took a bite.

My ENTIRE BODY ORGASMED, really, a public display to out do the ever popular Meg Ryan “When Harry Met Sally” orgasm.  I devoured it, the whole thing like a starving lion with no regret or guilt, my body was happy.

Can I have more of that please???????

I still don’t like meat on a regular basis and when my body asks me to eat it or what ever it asks me to eat, that is what I choose.

What change can we create with our bodies that we didn’t know we could create by asking and listening to what it requires?

And how many points of view have we adopted that keep us over eating to avoid waste?  More on that later.

Happy Orgasmic Bodies,


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