Curious As A?

As a kid I was so curious about everything, I asked question after question and then more questions. My dad thought it was funny to answer them with absurd responses that I later found out weren’t true. This caused me a lot of embarrassment and possibly what stopped the curiosity till way later in my life.  I even got in trouble in Sunday school because I asked too many questions and later went to several other denominations looking for a church that could answer them without telling me to have “blind Faith”.  I had titles, like Nosey Rosie and do you remember Curious George, he was always in trouble, who wants to be in trouble?


I have lived the American dream, I’ve experienced it all in many different forms between two marriages, five children, two colleges, too many jobs to count, from the bottom to the top and many in-between, some fun, others stressful and life absorbing.  I’ve owned several houses, rented houses, rented out houses and sold houses.  Had the worst cars and some really nice cars, things and more things, and only what fits in the back of my car things.  I have done it. Traveled the states,  lived in a few, gathered with friends, performed in ceremony, healing the Earth, healing others, healing self, studied and studied and studied some more and still I wondered, is this it, is this what we are all striving for?

I dabbled in dating while I was traveling the states for work and met this incredible man, a real catch.  We had a few dates in-between my travels and got to know each other a bit.  He continued his dating and met a wonderful women that filled what he required.  I mention this because he sent me a note once and said that he appreciated following my journey, that it was like seeing life through the eyes of a newborn with all of my wonder and curiosity.  That was one of the best compliments I have had and that wouldn’t have always been received as a compliment.

I thrive today in asking questions and even in the times when others tease me or are uncomfortable with this capacity in me, it still makes me smile as I remember that compliment and the way it lit up my being.

“If you come to question looking for awareness and not answers, you will continually expand your life.” ~Gary Douglas

Have you ever stopped something because someone else made you wrong for it?

Have you ever been curious about what else is possible?

Have you felt the excitement and mistaken it for a wrongness when you were aware of the uncomfortability of others?

What else is possible that we haven’t even imagined yet, oh that excites me from the inside out, what does that question do for you?

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If you like questions, if you are curious, if you are ready to let go of the conclusions and stuck points the Access Bars® might be for you.  What if you could lay on a massage table for an hours, relaxed and receiving and get up after with a whole new perspective on life, would you choose it?  Would you like to try it, learn it, trade it and receive more than you ever have before?

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