The Dummy Factor

Have you priced yourself out of contribution, theirs and yours?

I hear a lot in the entrepreneur world, my value, my worth. The price is simply a number and money is simply an energy and we make it incredibly significant to the point sometimes, of destruction.

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I am a different character. I truly enjoy being a contribution; to others, to the planet, to businesses. Being a contribution can be a monetary return as we all live in a world with currency as a means to living and it’s doesn’t have to be. More than money, it’s a way of receiving and without receiving, is there a contribution?

How often have you been able to truly receive something that was totally free?

It’s interesting to watch someone hand a person a gift just for fun and watch their ability to receive. Our minds often go to, what do I have to do for this? What is expected of me if I receive this gift. If we cannot allow ourselves to receive a gift from someone we adore, can we truly allow ourselves to receive contribution that is normally charged for.

Interesting topic and one that I have experimented quite a lot with.

In my holistic practice I gifted a lot, a lot more than I should have. I don’t say that for the financial aspect, I say that as I noticed a difference in the receiving. This world has a point of view that value is in the price while seeking a good deal. If you believe that value is in the price and you get a discount on something, can you receive the actual value of the purchase? Most likely not. In the same thread of thinking, if you truly desire something, you will do what ever it takes to have it. I know as this is how I am and I do not buy into the idea of value for price and I have received fully everything that has come my way, including the gifts. As a holistic practitioner I had the idea that I could contribute to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. I received trade, I received interesting items and I received frustration from giving without receiving. That was my ah, I get it moment.

Everyone is different and every situation is different.

Today I contribute to people and the planet in different forms. I use hands on body processes for the body, I use questions in facilitating for the being (YOU), I use my brilliance in systems for businesses and my visionary skills with questions to facilitate entrepreneurs. I do not have a one size fits all price for any of this as it is not a one size fits all situation or contribution.

If I get a yes that my contribution to someone or something will create a greater future, I am in and at the same time if I get a no, I am out. We truly never know what will show up when we get out of the way of what we decide will show up. Often in my experiences, I received greater contributions from choices I made with less up front financial return, simply by following the yes.

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I began calling my business “Your Life Coach” as a way to empower with choice. Even more, I ask the client to design their package. I created this to include the client in the choice, to give the client choice and create a space for receiving and contribution. I get that one price does not work for every budget and I get that some people, projects and businesses can receive from my contribution.

I have had people say:

I was nervous about even having the conversation with you because I didn’t think I could afford you.

You are easy to pay.

I waited till I had the money to work with you before contacting you even though I didn’t know your price.

This let me know that opening the door for people to have choice creates more. More for them, more for me, more for the contribution of everything. Although, many people cannot receive choice either.

When I took my first step into possibility from the life that was happening to me, I didn’t have the money I thought it would take. I had not worked for over ten years, the money in our family was my husbands and the choice I was making was to leave him. I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to pay for that. I was also ready and determined to change my life even though I had no idea what that would look like. I called a number a friend gave me and booked an appointment. I didn’t even know what it was going to cost, I just showed up. He worked with me on the amount, gave me a sliding scale fee and I lied to my husband in the beginning to pay for it. Once my husband cut me off, I went out and found a job, and kept looking till I landed a better job and so on. I got creative and I pulled it off, this healer was also creative and contributed to me affording it and I received that contribution. What I saw was the value of me. I was choosing me, I was willing to do what ever it took and I was willing to receive. I walked out of this experience free and fulfilled and I simply desired for every person to receive what I had received and I was willing to do it for free.

I became aware that free isn’t free and when you give to someone who cannot receive it, it comes back on you. That can show up in different forms such as weight on your body, pain in your body, and stress to name a few. Imagine that your contribution is a ball and you throw that ball to someone who is not willing to catch it so they put up a shield, that shield bounces that ball right back to you. That is what it’s like to contribute without receiving. This can also happen with someone who pays you but does not value the contribution.

Are you pricing yourself out of others choosing based on your value of your contribution? Are you giving more than someone can receive by not pricing to their value points of view? Are you discounting for the deal that everyone can choose and not receive because it’s a deal and therefore not valued?

What contribution can you be and receive that others can receive and be a contribution to you?

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