I Would!

Sometimes I scroll though my social media feed and I am jaw dropping, what the hell is happening, kind of blown away and I remember.

I once stood in front of a person and they saw I was covered in bruises from head to toe, my head the size of a basketball with two black eyes and swollen hands from blocking punches. I told them who had done this to me and they reacted by saying it wasn’t true and I must have done it to myself. The point here is not that I was a victim, it’s that I had PROOF displayed all over my body and I was still called a liar. The person in front of me could not imagine what I was saying could be true, it did not matter that it was true.

When I was 2 years old I was sexually abused by my uncle, my mother never took me around him again, she told her family, they did not believe her and he continued to abuse my cousin for several years that ended in a family battle, a trial and only half of the family believed he did it.

hands black and white fingers palm
Photo by Josie Stephens on Pexels.com

Once I was raped by a friend of a friend and when I told, no one believed me because they thought I was slutty, that I wanted it. I made a scene one night in a bar and other women came forward to say he had raped them too. His friends still did not believe it.

An interesting part about seeing some of the supporters of this insanity is that I actually know some of them and I actually know that they have also been sexually assaulted at one time or another.

I tend to be a person who truly lives life as a possibility, I can rant for days about how I am who I am because of my journey and……


It has to stop for ALL of us, for women and the men who are not perpetrators, who are kind, respectful and loving. For our sons, our daughters and the future.

If you have read this far and believe that women are lying about being sexually assaulted or that these men in power are the victim, I ask you to consider this:

If you were pinned down, choked, stripped of your clothes and penetrated against your will and you spoke up, who would you tell and who would believe you?


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