Loaded Phrases And Other Possibilities

Do we really get the gratitude when we use that term, do we allow the essence of what that word actually speaks to when we say it, share it and spread it around?  It’s indescribable really, when the rush of gratitude rushes through you like a tsunami and saying thank you just doesn’t cut it.

On the other end of the spectrum, words can cut like a knife and leave a bleeding gash. Social media has many people out in the world sharing like a bad 80’s horror flick and never taking a moment to stop and see the blood bath they have left behind.  I am not saying that I am above this, I know I have said things that I have later had to go in with a humble mop and pail to clean it up.

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Photo by Carl Attard on Pexels.com

This is really a rant on the consciousness of language and use of words, and honestly a different perspective to seeing.  At the end of the day it really does come down to the view on which you see something and how that effects your way of being; mood, emotions and actions.

There are so many moments and experiences in my day to day life that I have an overflowing amount of gratitude in simply the experience and I don’t take the time to share. Not as in relevance or not, in the manner of being in it rather than the source of it.

Other moments however, get center stage.  Like picking my son up at the end of the day from his new high school and hearing him say, I really like my teachers, my classes and the kids are nice.  You don’t witness bullying or clicks and segregation?  He pauses and responds, no, not really, kids there are pretty nice.  This is his experience, in this moment, not saying anything about other kids, other schools and places in the world where kids are bullied and the buildings are not safe, This is an exhale as a mother, that with everything we know going on in America, I can drop my child off at school and drive away knowing there is a contribution in that choice.

I am honestly proud of my children.  I picked up my other son today at early release and on the drive, he informed me that while missing the whole week and having a half day today, he is already caught up on all he missed.

How does this relate to language, words and gratitude.  The way you speak to someone, children, can inspire them to ask for greater and it can disempower even quicker when directed negatively.  I do not consider myself a perfect parent, if you have read any of my other rants, you will see I am rather the opposite.  I have amazing relationships with some of my children and challenges with the others.  I haven’t been everything they’ve wanted me to be and many times I have failed.  One common thread in each of them however, is self worth, confidence in who they are and a willingness to take a stand for it.  I attribute that to the language, words and of course, the willingness to come back around with that humble mop and pail when I caught myself being unkind.

While this sounds like a family dynamic rant, it’s bigger than that.  How we treat ourselves, how we speak to others and our overall view points leak into every area of our lives.  It’s not who you are in relationship with, it’s who you are in relationship and how you function.   If life is happening to you, you may not see your role in creating the situation, if you are creating your life you may see where your part is and at the end of the day, it all comes back to you.  Who would you like to be?

This flows into business as well, the messages you share and what you are contributing to the greater good of the whole. I’ve had a lot of business conversations in the last twenty four hours and when I sat here to write, I had this overall sense of wow.  This wow came from an ability to hear the subities in each conversation, to witness the creations expanding, to relate to messages and watch as people choose what ever they choose.

I happen to be immersed in a business world with a lot of messages that appear empowering and helpful.  I assist people with asking questions to get what is true for them or not and it seems to often show itself as a, light up the world YES, or a smothering NO.  To watch people choose the smothering no anyway, isn’t as much fun as that yes and it shows me something. It shows me that people will often buy what someone is selling even when they get it’s not true for them and even greater, they buy it as it matches a point of view they have.

This loops me back around to the 80’s horror flick shared social media rants where I wonder how much of that is presented in a gratitude package or at minimum, fluff disguised as mastery stuff.  I wonder about this as I consider the people truly contributing a gracious desire filled change getting lost under all the costumes of good intentions.

Does gratitude give you a sense that can unmask the empty promises and even more, the greedy intentions.  Have you touched base with your inner knowing enough to trust it when an offer crosses your path and you are seeking more?

I wonder about this world and what else is possible?


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