Saying Nah When You Mean Yeah

Warning: This is not your mother’s conversation about……

My friend messaged me a link one day and I opened it. It was for, in my point of view at the time, a vibrator. I didn’t even really look at it and messaged back. I’m good, not my thing. Psssst… It’s wasn’t a vibrator at all.

Where did that even come from, saying no without even asking or knowing what I was saying no to?

I could share about the years as a young girl when my house was the office for my mothers business in lingerie, sex toys and all things erotica, I could share about my sexual abuse, my seemingly prudish ways or ideas that I prefer bodies to toys and, it’s all irrelevant to my life at this point in time.

So where did that come from?

A few months later she called me to say that this magical machine was so amazing that it stimulated her to the point of pee. Before she went even further, I was on the computer ordering mine.

AMAZING… truly amazing.


And it’s probably not for you, if you are like me and toss things out without even asking if your body is interested.

What if you ask your body what it wants and choose from there?  If you asked your body who it wants, would it be greater than you can imagine and from what place and space do you say no?

I had this idea that it would ruin me for the real thing.  It hasn’t! If anything… It’s ruined me for the idea of going without.

Are you a women, who at sometime made a deal with yourself or someone else, to go without?  Maybe you made it when you were really young because that was your way of controlling something you had no control over. Maybe you married a man you don’t really like, maybe you judge your body too much to allow it any pleasure, maybe……..

Here is the thing, the bargain you make with anything is the discount you choose in life.  This doesn’t mean you follow the link below and order yourself up some instant, mind blowing, juice flowing orgasm and….

You could look around in all of your bargain deals and see where you are discounting the pleasures life has to offer.  We chose to be in these bodies, wouldn’t it be a heck of a lot more fun if we allowed some pleasure too?

Alright, alright…. here is YOUR LINK already, and don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

Your life may actually get a lot more fun….

and if you enjoyed this blog, Tune in soon for the launch of

Coloring Outside The lines…Right, Wrong and O So Good

A talk show. Where the conversation leads to what’s really happening not what you are supposed to talk about.


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