Choice To Future

In just a little less than a week, I will graduate from massage school. It’s been a long stretch getting here with packed days, classroom time, schedule, people and personality, closed space, bad lighting, hoops, and hurdles and my overall impatience with length and time.


All of that goes without saying; it’s been over twenty years in the making….

Have you ever had a dream and didn’t follow through?

Some people along the way told me I couldn’t do it and I believed them.  One of the greatest hurdles in this process was my ex husband, who dropped out of massage school, told me that it required a lot of strength and he just didn’t see that in me.  Ha!

Massage doesn’t actually require strength, it’s a about body mechanics, going to school for massage, well, that requires strength of a different kind. And it’s not about the ex, it’s about that part of me that chooses to believe anyone else’s opinion of what is possible.


Do you ever do that, let others determine your possibility?

It was only eight months ago when I had the inkling to look into massage schools in the area and what that entailed.  It was only eight months ago when I got that the energy of choosing school matched the energy of the future I was looking to create and It was a long eight months ago when I set out on this journey with no idea of where I would be at the end.

Along with massage school, the opportunity for multiple classes in Access Consciousness showed up, The Foundation, Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider, and two 3 day Access Body classes along with an Embrace Your R.O.A.R class.

What does any of that mean? It up’s the level of what is available.

  • License to touch
    • Legally Available in any state
    • Legally Available internationally
  • Private Sessions
    • Massage
      • Swedish
      • NMT
      • Myofacial
      • Thai
      • MORE
    • Access Body processes
      • 60 Plus
  • Classes
    • Bars
    • Energetic Facelift
    • Individual Body Processes

And combined with all of the other trainings and the natural energetic healing of these hands:

Possibilities = UNLIMITED

Have you looked at the energy of the choice you are about to make?  Does it match the future you would like to create?




2 thoughts on “Choice To Future

  1. So very happy for you. What an accomplishment! And yes, I have spent many years of my life allowing other people to decide what is best for me. You remain an inspiration, love and miss you and that wonderful smile.

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