Demand, Choose, BE…

If you’ve known me for more than a decade, you most likely know a little something about my journey.

I have used the whole gamut of tools to get to consciousness and so many of them actually changed my life and most all of them required A LOT of blood, sweat and tears.  Maybe not so much blood but hey, it’s more dramatic that way,


If you’ve known me for more than two decades, you’ve seen me at one time or another in full on drama queen attire. My life was made up of poor me’s, those people and forget it, it’s never changing.


Even more perseverance, dedication and drive to getting it right and finding the “healthy” route, as in being “healthy” having “healthy” relationships and everything that comes with “healthy” ie: ELIMINATION….

Here’s the thing…..

What does elimination get you?



Everything and everyone you separate from creates limitation within your reality as elimination comes from the point of view, to resist, react and that famous phrase of LETTING GO…

This isn’t to say you keep everything in your life, it’s an invitation to getting out of those points of view that stop you from receiving.

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If you believe you have to let go of something, are you also limiting your receiving?


What if you could lower your barriers, allow and receive everything while taking on nothing?

Today I met a 10 year old girl, who for the last two years, has been dealing with something that has put her life on hold.  She walked in the door, sat confidently in front of me and said, I am ready for this to be gone….

That my friends is WHAT it TAKES… That willingness, that DEMAND…..

Are you willing to make a demand as strong as that 10 year old little girl?  

Are you done with the hard way?

What if healing is just a validation to being anything but YOU and if you weren’t broken, who would you truly BE?


2 thoughts on “Demand, Choose, BE…

  1. Wow, so powerful!
    I’m ready to demand this to stop and start living and receiving and being and having!
    This story makes me cry tears of joy!
    Let’s go! I’m in! All in!


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