Choice ~ Consequence or YOU.

Choice is an interesting thing…

I wonder how many people avoid choosing due to consequence.

I avoided it for a really long time as I understood consequence well.

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There came a time in my journey where choosing me meant being willing to loose everything and everyone.  Where this point of view came from is a twisted convoluted mix of a lot of different scenarios and the foundation was abandonment.  The ultimate consequence was that I would be left, so:

  • I kept my mouth shut
  • I behaved
  • I took the blame
  • I stayed
  • I gave in, gave up and quit

When you are always afraid of being left, there is never room for choosing you, funny thing is, avoiding consequences is a choice too.

I said enough


People left, many people left and the more I chose me, the more my life shifted and changed and it wasn’t always easy.

Letting go isn’t always easy.

The thing is, I was really letting go of a deep seeded need for others and the others I chose, weren’t actually kind.  Truly kind people don’t come with conditions such as consequence.

Letting go became a gift and letting go of that need created a lot of allowance for me to:

  • Speak
  • Shine
  • Share
  • Give and receive

Something shifted along the way.  Being willing to let go, being willing to loose it all changed the energy of it somehow and changed me.

Consequence no longer owns me.

Awareness is different than consequence, it’s knowing what each choice creates and giving a lot of room to discern what actually works for me and opens a door to possibilities that consequence kept hidden.

Are you standing in alliance with the consequences you’ve been taught, never taking the risk to loose the very thing that keeps you hostage?

Did you know that I offer personal coaching sessions, ones that empower you to know what you know, to unleash you from the ties that bind you to ______________ and open the door to ______________?

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Let’s meet where you are and look at where you are heading, together… Michelle

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