Moments In Curiosity…

Have you ever taken a moment to stop in the face of judgment, in the moment of expectation when you would normally get upset, defend, put up barriers and push others out?

Taken a moment to stop and get really curious…

Judgment is an interesting thing.  It’s a tricky bastard. It comes in all shapes, sizes and disguises…  The reaction however, is often familiar.

I stop, not in a curious way, I stop like a train headed for a car on the tracks… That not only changes my world, it locks up in my body, turns my mind into a spin and I go deep inside looking at myself.

and the beginning of this year I made a demand to get out of judgment and receive everything.

I’ve taken the moment to stop, I’ve taken the moment to say this isn’t working for me and I’ve taken the moment to breath and allow it through.

Then I took a moment to get curious…

You see, no matter what you do, who you be, how you show up, other people will create expectations of you based from their point of view and most often, these expectations are not spoken out loud.  Sometimes they are spoken through some cryptic language and sometimes as clear as they are stated, each person hears a different thing and it’s still an expectation.

I became even more curious about this expectation thing.

I thought maybe it was that people focus so much on others changing so they don’t have to commit to themselves.

I thought maybe it was that others have points of view that people need to be a certain way and they can judge them into change.

There may be truth in these.

and  I asked more questions….

I wonder, what if we tap into the energy of another and when they are being a different energy, we don’t know how to be.  That we have lost so much of ourselves that we try to be like someone else and when they don’t show up as the part of them we are trying to be, we don’t know how to be……



Have you spent time alone, without another person around for a length of time that the only one there was you, did you enjoy yourself?

Who are you Being, that you have decided is better than being you, that you refuse to be, ever in space alone, being you?

I get really quiet at times, I get lost in my own world, retreat from others and I love taking this time.  It’s the time where I can breath, where I stop hearing everyone else, where being me comes with the most ease.

Alone is like a quiet walk into the woods with nature, the place where alone is actually communion,  communion is actually contribution and being you is never alone.






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