Choose YOU Anyway…

A woman told me a story today. A story about a time that she said no to a business deal, a deal that she could see through, one that didn’t match what she knew was possible and the person in charge, the one creating the deal, made her wrong for it. Made her so wrong that others agreed against her. She didn’t change her mind. She didn’t back down and she spent a long while on the outside. She was okay with that, she chose herself.

Later, others got it as well and came around to see that woman in charge in the way she had seen her from the beginning. 

She didn’t gloat, she didn’t make it significant. Even if on the inside she was doing a big, I knew it dance…

It never matters who’s on your side so long as you are on your side.



Today my ex husband said thank you to me, thank you for co parenting and for not only supporting our kids but for supporting him in parenting.

Sometimes the journey isn’t easy, sometimes the greater good is the harder choice and sometimes, a moment whispers a sweet sound that allows you to breath and remember what the choices were always about.

Big…Big…. gratitude ❤️❤️

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