Consciousness Includes Everything…

I asked to get judgment free for the #BIGASK of 2017 and what came through was a subtle ask that shook my world like a #BIGASK and changed everything.

Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing-Gary Douglas

I am asking to get out of judgment,

to judge nothing is consciousness,

and consciousness includes everything,

which also means ME….

What did I just say?


I don’t actually include me.  Not in anything, not even if I fly across the country to take a class that I paid for.  I mean I will be there, I will take it all in and it will totally contribute to me, and I don’t include me.

It’s funny, I have noticed this inclusion thing before only l looked at it as though I wasn’t being included.

Have you ever said, I feel left out, they didn’t invite me or something of the sort?  Was it that you weren’t including you?

If I am not including me, even if someone else tries to include me, guess what…..

I cannot be included anywhere that I am not willing to include me.

In my #BIGASK video I said, I’m including me and this wasn’t from an aware space or intention, it just came out naturally and I didn’t even hear it till later….

Those three words changed everything.

I started showing up in my life.  Really showing up for me and doors of possibility are flying open left and right.

I was asked to contribute to a big project that I didn’t even know was possible, I had a man from out of nowhere show up and contribute to my world, and and and……


I started seeing judgements that I never perceived before from place I believe nurtured me.

then it happened….

If I include me, then I receive more and more is EVERYTHING….





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