If Consciousness Judges Nothing….

It’s the beginning of 2017 and I joined a group called “The Year Of You Being You” on Facebook.  I have joined in on these groups before and I play along for a bit, get distracted, bored or something else and move on fairly quickly.

This was different, this came with a #BIGASK and I’d actually like to create my life BIGGER than ever before, really, I am actually choosing it.

What is different than any other time, great question and while I don’t have an answer, I do have an energy that actually feels like I can have it.

Maybe it started with a project I took on awhile back that was everything about creating a crazy possible life.. (details here if that pings you too)  Maybe it was when I finally chose to go beyond stopping me after another project I worked on, all about that, or maybe it was this, that or that other thing, and maybe it all started when I chose this life…

Did you know, that you are actually creating your future with every choice,



is creating your future….

Those things you believe own you, creation,

those things you believe happened to you, creation,

those things you believe………. creation….

So if you are creating everything, what will it take for you to acknowledge your potency and create the life you’d like to have?

So here I am in front of my computer looking at this “Year Of You Being You” and asking myself, What is it I’d like to ask for in 2017, that I haven’t asked for because I see no way of creating it?

I get that if I’d like more money I can create it, I get that if I’d like a relationship, I can create it, adventure, fun, and so on, I can create it. So I stop for a second and a BIG smile comes across my face and I get it……I can create anything, so what stops me?



I have heard this too many times to count…

“Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.” – Gary Douglas

and this time, I HEAR it…..

So I get out my selfie stick, my phone and my courage, head outside to where I can expand and relax, and shoot a video with my #BIGASK.  I didn’t watch it, (I know that is where I will go straight into judgement and I am asking to get out of judgment), I just posted it.  There is another piece here, being willing to “do what ever it takes.” In that moment, doing what ever it takes meant, just posting it without watching it, where I would then critic it, delete it and never actually ASK…..

Later I watched it and I heard something, that I didn’t realize I said… I’m including me…..

I sat there stunned, with my mouth wide open…..

I’m including me?


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