That Book, It’s Not Written!


I opened my computer this morning and was hit with a message from a friend and that took me on a whirlwind of thoughts.

I have recently taken on two big projects from two very different facilitators who are both incredibly dynamic.


Working with potent people kinda throws you into a lot of change in a short amount of time.

So that message from a friend, well, he was asking for a copy of my book, yes, the one I haven’t written, the one I told him about 15 years ago.

It swirled me through the projects I am working on, they are different and both about being potent, knowing what you know and going for it.  One of these projects is just about to launch as I am writing this and funny thing is, it’s called Unstoppable You.

Right, I am laughing too…

So what has stopped me from writing that book and the others ones just sitting in my mind and partially on my hard drive?



Fifteen years ago I came up with this idea about relationships and it was very different. Some people were supportive, some kinda got it and the majority of those I shared it with looked at me as though I was speaking a another language.  It made perfect sense to me and doing relationships the way I was taught, the way society says we should, the way movies tell us it can be.  Well, none of that ever worked for me


It wasn’t working for ANYONE that I knew.

Having people look at me like I am speaking another language is familiar, I get that reaction a lot.

Do you know what I do with that reaction.  NOTHING….  I tuck away the idea for someday.



I didn’t start bashing myself this am when that message came through, instead, I giggled and smiled and I am smiling now.  You see, that message reminded me of the idea, it had me travel to all the places that idea touched and it exposed a place where I stop myself and showed me that, sometimes an idea is for the future and stopping myself because other people don’t get it, might actually be stopping me from spreading more consciousness on this planet.

I mean, what if I had written that book fifteen years ago, would I be in a different relationship reality now?


It’s not just this book, it’s so many things.  My actual reality is one where I am speaking another language to a lot of people and I do just get quiet and stop.

and the funny thing is….

That message this am, happens a lot too.

Somewhere in the future, someone who looked at me like I was crazy, may be standing in another conversation talking about an idea they heard today.

So I invite YOU, to look at what is stopping you and I invite you to join me and people from all over the planet on this dynamic call series….

Christel Crawford’s UnStoppable YOU!

also translations in German  and French …..





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