I Met Myself

I met myself in a place that life was happening to me, it had up to that point.  Maybe because things happened when I was too little to speak, to little to say I didn’t want to.  Maybe because even in that place, it was somehow my fault.  These experiences created ideas about me, about safety, choice, trust, and life, how it happens to me.  I was ready to meet myself that day that I looked at my life, I wanted something different and I wanted to know what caused me to choose the life I was in, and even more, why I chose to stay in it. I met myself in a place that life had happened to me.  I remember the moment where I was sitting in the comfort of all I knew, everything in tact, all of my skills and resources and staring at the unknown, the uncomfortable and the risk of walking through that door.

Is life happening to you?  You just can’t seem to get a break.  Where all you know is the dance between this and that and never the freedom of choosing for you?

What if there was a tool that opened up a door to something different, would you choose it?

I chose a journey that led to many modalities, multiple doorways, some slides, some muck and some gigantic walls.  I kept choosing, mostly blind and with this little hint of something in the shadows of my being, cheering me on and pushing me forward.


  • A little girl
  • A friend
  • A healer
  • A dog
  • A book
  • Hours of cycling a courthouse
  • A group
  • A mirror
  • A roommate
  • A gym
  • A college
  • A Professor
  • A baby
  • A career
  • A mentor
  • A teacher
  • A medicine woman
  • A calling
  • A ceremony
  • A class
  • A journey
  • A divorce
  • A death
  • An adventure

all assisted me along the way with a whole lot more to the day I met….

A woman who offered me a session about something I didn’t know and I truly met myself in a place where I had choice.

What if you could receive an idea that life does not happen to you but rather, you create it and if you create it, isn’t it all really just choice?

How can I contribute to you?

XO, Michelle

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