Bring It Back To You

What would change in the world if every single person looked at the choice they were making instead of trying to control the choice of others through their judgments and points of view.

What if every time you saw the news or a post on social media you paused before heading off on your own ranting?  You took a moment to look at you?

It fascinates me to scroll through social media and hear all of the opinions of others, all of the projected ideals of what should or shouldn’t be happening.

I wonder, when I see a post that clearly dictates the control over another persons choice, who are you and where are you coming from?  Are you sitting there in the comfort of your home, living day to day plugged into the mass opinions and deciding the only choice for another person while knowing nothing of who they are or where they choose from?

When did we all become so entitled to decide what is right and wrong and that we get to choose for anyone outside of ourselves?

If you are reading this and you think to yourself that this doesn’t apply to you, and you think to yourself that the stand you are making in the world is the better stand for all, I ask you this….

Look at that point of view, right as you see it cross your awareness, and ask yourself….

Who have I been in my life?

Who am I being right in this moment?

What better contribution can my energy be, if I took this point of view and brought it back to me?

What if every single person stood in the mirror and chose from that place?  What would the world look like then?


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