It’s NOT An Option NOT To.

So Michelle, you are traveling again, how the heck do you do that?????

First, there is not a magic pill, it’s not an ah ha moment, it’s not anything you can THINK it into or Study it into or ………..

IT’S CHOICE and when I say choice, I say it from the place of it’s not an option not to choose it, that is where DEMAND is.

When I am in that limbo place of choosing or not choosing or what do I want to choose, I don’t know what to choose, there isn’t any demand of me in that.

It reminds me of this scene:

What is the energy in that?


When my son calls me and says, I’m having a baby, what is the energy of that choice?  It’s not an option not to be there…. Does that sound like I am limiting my choice? Can you feel the energy of the demand?

From that place of demand, I create all the ways to actually choose that and it all works.  How?  How isn’t even an option in demand, how is the option of not choosing.

When I am not choosing, how gets to be my excuse.  Is how your excuse?

Can you see all of the places where you have created the demand of you, where there was no other options but to choose?

Showing up for my son is easy so let’s look at something that is a BIG sticky point for most everyone I have ever met….

Choosing ME….

Do you think choosing you is rewarding yourself with a new pair of shoes, ordering desert after dinner, pajama party with friends and popcorn, a facial, a massage, and on and on and on?

ALL of that is a treat or isn’t, depending on your point of view and all of that can be rationalized whether you “have” the money or not.

What about something bigger, like a class in another place for 5 days, that also requires plane fare, accommodations, food and so on……

Or something smaller and yet still big like, say, a Bars® session…..

How long do you have to dance in the uncomfortable of daily life, getting your $10 juice, going to your $15 yoga class, going to your job for $$$ to pay the car payment, the insurance, the house payment/rent, to buy food, go out for drinks and dinner, saving, scrapping, hoarding every dime to spend time in your mind rationalizing the next treat that you put on your credit card to shame yourself for later with all the “you have to stop doing that” self hate talk when you wake up in the morning and get up to do it all again.

How long do you dance in that before you say enough, I’m getting out of this bed and changing my life?

I have had those moments and I have chosen without the tools of Access Consciousness and I have worked my ass of for the change to never get back into that same position again….  Real change happened and

Getting my Bars® run takes me out of the spinning and the judgment and creates a space to find the demand of what I’d like to create next in my life with so much more ease.

Do you know the place I facilitate the Bars® from?

From the place of, let me show you this tool that you can use, share and create more in your life, that you can have this tool in your pocket when ever you want to use it and it doesn’t have to be one more thing you “treat” yourself too whether you have the money or not.

After my first Bars® session, I told myself, what ever that is, I want to learn it.  Not because I wanted to do anything with it beyond myself.  I desired the skill so I could have it without having to pay for it.

and I’d LOVE for everyone on the planet to have access to it without having to go into a money story about it.

That is where the trades, specials and total space of, if you ask me, I will say yes comes from….

When I say: come take this Bars® class where you get four back to back Bars® sessions, some great Access tools, a full day of facilitation with me and a certification all for the small fee of $300……. I mean, why wouldn’t you choose you, more, and take advantage of the deep discount of what all of that costs individually.

What if every time you are spinning and could use a Bars® session you could call someone up and trade?

I get my Bars® run ALLLLLLLL of the time and over the last several years, the trauma and drama that used to rule me, the self defeating conversations that drove me into the black hole and held me there for long periods of time, the PAST and all of the attachments to all of that have faded, become a rarity and YES I use every single Access tool that comes my way along with getting my Bars® run…….. Those darn Bars® opened up the space to receive more, and that more created an allowance for everything else, including more tools……


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