Under The Mask

In the year 2000, I was lucky enough to participate in some dynamic, experiential, inner child intensives.  These were not intensives for the weak and weary, they required incredible strength, courage, determination, perseverance and the willingness to be completely exposed.  The exposure of the following and the process of shifting each of those areas was incredibly transformational, not just in my life as it is today, in the process along the way and with my support group having the ability to read me and push me beyond.

There are four layers to the core belief system we sometimes gage life from.

  • The Mask
  • The Guard Dog
  • The Core Issues
  • The core Beliefs

Who are you?

The Mask:

Who we present to the world, who we allow others to see and how we show up to meet all of our needs.

Have you ever gotten home to your own place, just you, and collapsed on the couch with a big sigh of relief?

The sigh that expels the relief of getting to just be you?

Or the sigh after your in-laws leave? You cleaned the house, put on a nice dress and your best behavior only to shed it all after, glad it’s over.

This is the range from which we live behind the mask.

On a day to day basis, it may be part of how we do what we do, and on a wounded inner self basis, it may keep us safe.

The Guard Dog:

This is the beast that comes out when something triggers us, when people get too close to seeing the issues under the mask, the stuff that we hide, sometimes, even from ourselves.  The guard dog tells others to back off.

Some guard dogs are humorous, ignoring what’s in front of them and making jokes. Others can be vicious.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and all of the sudden, out of nowhere, they are attacking you with anything you have ever shared with them, and not just with words, with an intense energy of a Rottweiler, on a chain, who is starving and trained to protect the home.

This is the guard dog, there to protect the issues and to keep you away from exposing them.

 Core Issues.

This is that sensitive zone, like the underbelly of an armadillo.

When that guard dog above, backs down or you toss him a steak and sneak past while he is eating it.  Only to find that same person who was about to eat you for dinner, is then sitting on the floor in a puddle of tears and beating themselves up with shame and guilt.

I’ll just throw in at this point, some love and gratitude for my parents, my children, my early ex’s, friends, that badass support group I had and the healer who led us down the path…… Thank you! 

Core Beliefs:

The gut center.  The home base for all the the beliefs we have been told about ourselves over time.  Have you ever heard a parent say, be a good boy/girl?  Implying that you are normally bad, implying that there is something wrong with you if you don’t choose to be good.  Enforcing that you should know what is good or bad in every case.  Only you don’t actually know what is good or bad, as it changes based on who is judging, so you buy the belief that you are bad.  This is a core belief- I am bad.  (not completely defined and used only lightly to get the point across)

Imagine this:

Your core belief  is, I am bad.  You then create all the scenarios where you will be bad ( your core issues), hire your guard dog to protect you from anyone who tries to expose that you are bad because, you wear the mask that you are actually good.

This was not an easy process, healing these layers and with the support of an incredible group of people and the direction from a phenomenal healer, I traveled to the depths of my soul and found my core beliefs.

Most of my life, buried deep down inside of me was, I’m not worthy….  From that place up to the top, everything I was and did aligned with it.

Changing that was a processes with a big willingness to be exposed, starting with the mask.

Today, I love to dress up, play different roles and be colorful like a chameleon.  It’s fun for me and it brings joy to my soul.


I do all of that from the place of being totally me.

I was considering the tools in my life that served to shift things for me and out came this short little eBook…. Under The Mask….  This is some practical tools that you can apply and use to shift yourself from who you think you are to who you actually are.  It’s a light and easy version for everyday use.

For more specific changes and guidance I offer one on one sessions via the internet or in person.  Please feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment.

Would you like more of you in your life?

Enjoy~ Michelle


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