Then There Was One….

This last week was so fun, busy for me and my business.  My two events wrapped it up in such a wonderful way. You really never know who you will meet and how things will show up.  That is the brilliance in question….
I hosted a free facilitation on Thursday and one inspiring woman showed up. Her willingness to persevere beyond her resistance lit up my world. She brought herself to the table, sat there totally wanting to run away and instead, she stopped, listened to herself and in that moment, she saw who she really is and how far she has come.   I am honored to be a witness. These moments inspire me, the ones where there is no expectation in who will show up or how it will go and then, I am totally blown away with what does happen.
I hosted a Bars® class today. One man registered randomly, meaning, I did not know who he was and not sure how he found me. I called him and offered to reschedule to a different class since he was the only one. He had such a great response saying, sure we can do that or we can just do the class together, the two of us. I offered to cancel for him as I didn’t want him to miss the benefit of a group setting.  When he was willing to just have me, I was all in.
He showed up and shared with me so much about himself and his adventures, all very intriguing. I asked him if he’d  had his Bars® run before and how he heard of the class.
He told me that his friend in Switzerland mentioned that he needed to check out the thing called Bars®.  He went to the website, did some research and then checked out what was happening in the area. He shared with me that he is sensitive to people and energy and that he doesn’t just work with anyone. When he saw my profile picture, he could see the energy coming from me and that is how he chose to come to my class. Wow, what an honor. I mean this man has traveled to many places, seen and experienced many things and met amazing people.
And he chose my class from a simple, selfie snapshot?  What?
We had a wonderful day together sharing Bars®, telling stories and in the end, when he hugged me and thanked me, he said how wonderful it was to have me all to himself and thanked me for choosing to keep the class.
You really never know who is going to show up, what it may contribute to your life and what kind of relationships can get created. When you are thinking of canceling something you create, ask yourself….
Who is looking for this that I haven’t even considered?
Who will find what I am offering and sign up?
When you are considering canceling because only one person signed up, ask yourself…. What can be created with this one person?
How will this change everything?

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