That Crack-ed Me Up


I was just walking down the sidewalk and my foot slid into a crack.  I caught myself and started laughing, out loud, alone and in public.

I used to refer to myself as a professional faller.  It was such a reoccurrence that my family made many jokes about it.

I was so good at falling that;

  • my pants would rip
  • my knee would get scraped
  • and I was back up strutting again while people next to me didn’t even see it happen.

I didn’t crawl, I got up and ran.  That is how I do everything, all in, going for it and one of my favorite things about me.

Yet, as a kid, it was one of the worst.

I was called clumsy, everyone worried about me and tried to “fix” me.  Things I “should” have been able to do and were required to do, didn’t come easily.  I was forced to learn to crawl so I could function like everyone else and master the tasks deemed relevant to my body’s ideal function, to gain balance.  Funny thing is, the things that require balance, such as yoga or climbing, come natural to me.  It was the things that force balance I stumbled with.

Today when I felt the side of my foot go into the crack, I easily caught myself and this whole memory flashed through my mind.  It isn’t relevant anymore, somewhere that thing I owned about being clumsy left me and so did the falling.  I cannot even remember the last time I actually fell.

Where have you locked a behavior into your body through owning a judgement of you that doesn’t fit?

What capacity do you have that you once deemed a disability because someone told you it was true for you?

Would you like to choose something different?


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