The Expansion Of Collaboration

When is the last time you recognized co-creation when it was happening?  Do you notice when it isn’t happening?  Do you perceive the difference in the energy?

What have you been resisting or creating instead?

I love creating with other people so much that is comes naturally to me.  It is such a common practice for me that it takes me a great deal of time to recognize and even longer to shift the energy when something else is happening.

It not only creates a lot of joy in my world to create with others, it expands everything and creates so much for everyone and the planet.

I spent the last 20 years learning, studying, practicing and being in co-creation (communion) with others and the planet.  I have been blessed to create with phenomenal healers in vast settings, modalities, ceremonies, practices and much, much more.

Let’s talk about creating together and how expansive that is?

In this reality, we do competition really well, trying to always out do, out sell, be the best and often the only one.  We do this in all aspects of our lives, from personal relationships to business and everything in between and beyond.  What if we chose something different?

I was listening to the replay of “Being The Choosing One” with Heather Nichols. She talks about her and another facilitator teaching on the same topic and she asks the question, am I her?  Is it a contribution to receive from both?  I really liked that and because I dance in both of their playgrounds, I sense the freedom they both be in the energy.  It’s inviting, even deliciously intoxicating at times.


Here is a little story about how this has recently expanded my life and an entire community.

A few years ago I took a 5 day class in Boulder and met a woman named Erin Chanel. I loved her energetic, playful vibration and as we parted ways, I wondered what we might create together.

In choosing Alaska this last summer, my intent was to spend time with the boys and little was in the interest of creating my business, after all, I don’t live in Alaska.  Yes, I know,  cute.  I was surprised and educated on what is actually possible when you are in allowance, asking and receiving all of the time.

I shared Bars® with a couple of friends casually.  They talked to their friends and people started calling and booking sessions with me.  It was fun sharing this with everyone that was willing and some were asking for more.  I mentioned that I may come back up and teach over the holidays and was on my way back to Florida.  I connected all of the people I introduced Bars® to with Erin, who by now was living in Alaska full time.

She created a class and was inviting all of my friends and a few called me and asked if I would be back up there to teach.  I let them know that I may come back up and if they were interested, I encouraged them to take the class with Erin,  that I could teach the second class if they were interested further.

My friend Liz called and we chatted about all of this, she let me know that she trusted me and really wanted to take the class from me and asked if I would be willing to teach her.  I told her yes and we could fit it in to my two weeks up there.  I called Erin and we talked about the classes she was teaching and hosting and what was possible with creating another class.  She was incredibly supportive and willing to share.

I put it out to everyone I knew to see if there was one more who would join in so there would be two people to trade back and forth with.  Simultaneously, I was creating a class in Florida and putting energy into that class and collaborating with someone locally.  I was paying attention to the different energy between what was happening with my friends in Alaska and what was happening here.  The expansion and contraction and where it felt light and didn’t.   It called me to recognize this playground that lights me up and see what was being created in different arenas.

The dates around the time I had planned to be up in Alaska were not working for Liz and in looking at the calendar, the date came earlier in the month.  I was still looking for a second person as well, so I chose to go with the earlier date and create an event which I shared on social media.

My friends Derek and Lindsey at Run Wild Fitness LLC, agreed to host my class and allow me to cross promote the class with their Gym.  A friend in Tucson, that I know  from Alaska,  shared my event and her experiences with me and three of her friends signed up for the class.  

In working collaboratively with Erin and Run Wild Fitness LLC, I ended up with Liz, who requested the class, Derek, Lindsey and one other friend that I introduced to the Bars® last summer and the three referrals I had never met.

Everyone who came was excited about the gym and what Derek was offering at Run Wild Fitness which ended up expanding his reach.

The following week Erin hosted a 5 day workshop.  Liz,  who initially only wanted to take the class from me, attended.

This community of people is still growing, gathering, sharing, trading and supporting each other.

And….recently my friend Heather, who introduced me to Bars® and to Erin, sent me a photo from the Choice of Possibilities event in Seattle- She titled it, look who I just met?

It was my friend Liz, who had originally only wanted to take the class from me…

What is possible when we create together?  When we share with people, other people who are interested? When we show up with our friends to someone else’s trade party when we know we can host our own?  When we reach beyond ourselves and collaborate with other businesses to cross promote?

Who is looking for you or the people you know and you might be the connector?

I am continuing this and collaborating with local businesses here is Sarasota FL  and connecting with people every day.  What else is possible now and who else wants to create this kind of playground?

So much gratitude….XOXOXO

Big Love, Michelle

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