What If Forever Is Really Just Right Now?

Everywhere there are conversations of how to get relationships right:

  • How to keep your partner.
  • How to excite him/her, bring in more.
  • What he is really thinking, what she is really thinking.
  • What does he want, she want.

We are all trying to understand it and talking about it as if there is a magic answer to getting it right.  It’s all over social media, blogs and in everyday life conversations.  In the grocery store line, at the table next to you in a restaurant, at dinner parties with friends, in the park and so on.

People are seeing therapists, creating groups, circles, tribes around this topic of figuring it out.  Women have banned together, created Goddess, empowerment circles and men are coming together creating warrior groups all in the name of choosing self and all trying to find the niche to getting it right in relationship.

And the dating, everyone has an experience, an opinion.  This happened to me so men are like this or you want to avoid this because women are crazy.  All of the labels, expectations, judgments and rules.  It’s exhausting and it’s all in trying to figure it out.


What if it is simple?  What if all of that is just a big soup of insecurities playing off of opinions and the magic happens when two people choose at the same time, in the same moment, to unplug, be and experience?  What if it lasts when those same two people keep choosing everyday to keep that outer chaos outer and be in that magic space together. What if success is in the moment and not in the timeframe, where lasting is about how deeply you connected vs how long you stayed together? What if it is not work and there are no answers?  What if conscious relationship is simply choosing everyday?

What would it take to be in conscious choice everyday in relationship to everyone and everything?

And the bigger questions:

What would it take to be in total allowance of what ever it looks like, wants to be and to have no attachment to a timeframe?  How much more can we create if we are in each moment and not in effect of when it shifts and changes into something else?  How much more can we create from a space of honoring the moment without expectation of the next one and even more, staying in the love even when the next moment is not together at all?


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