Twisted Thoughts

I opened my eyes to this today and it started my day off with some good giggles.  How much freedom do you have for laughing at yourself?


Have you ever chosen something that you didn’t really want to choose but you thought it would get you where you wanted to go? And because you chose it you decided you had to make it work?  You spent so much time trying to make it work that you forgot you didn’t want to choose it to begin with?  And when you finally got tired of trying to make it work you  decided to choose you and then felt really great about choosing you as though that was the real win?

Oh I have never done that, okay, I’m kidding.  I do that a lot and the really fun part is that it is so much easier to just choose me in the beginning, when I have the awareness that I want to choose something else even through I don’t know where that will lead.

“Nothing ever shows up the way we think it will” ~ A Lot Of People

Where are all of the places you are trying to make something work for you that isn’t working for you that if you would just step back for a minute and ask yourself a question, would change the energy and give you more space to see what other options are possible that you could choose to create more freedom right now?

I wonder,


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